Just Throw It Away

Kitty Castaways - Disposable Cat Box with ScatterGuard Anti-Littering Protection Clean House Kitty, LLC, an ecologically-conscious manufacturer and marketer, proudly introduces the new Kitty Castaways™ Disposable Cat Boxes with ScatterGuard™ Anti-Littering Protection. These rugged, claw-resistant cat boxes, constructed of 100% recycled and biodegradable chipboard, are affordable for every cat owner and designed with your convenience in mind. So when it has to be changed, just throw it all away without any extra drain on your wallet or busy lifestyle, and set-up a new Kitty Castaways™.

Keep Your Litter Where It Belongs

At Clean House Kitty, we understand how hard it is to keep the area around the cat box clean. Having to worry about cat litter all over the floor just isn't going to work for a clean house lifestyle. That's where ScatterGuard™ Anti-Littering Protection comes in. This feature restricts litter scattering by the cat when it digs in the box. So try Kitty Castaways™ with its' ScatterGuard™ Anti-Littering Protection, and keep your litter where it belongs.